Saturday, March 28, 2009

3/23 - 3/26

Days will be rated on a scale of 1 - 10. 10 being the best.

Weighed Ike - 17.8#
AM large, soft, orangey, but formed BM
Spotted LOTS of teenagers - responded SUPER to c/t
AM = 7

PM no BM
Excellent with three 5-yo's standing at the end of the driveway jumping up and down yelling "doggie, doggie, doggie." Not so good with Paddington (older GR) sighting. Better than last time, i.e. he was able to tune in to me and work for not reacting.
Initiated play with Bug.
Did NOT sleep win bed.
PM = 6

AM, soft, formed BM.
Lots of eye contact, non-reactive
dosed with new remedy potency 2x2
AM = 7

PM 2 soft, formed BM
Super happy to see me.
Generally non-reactive, started to react to Paddington (older GR) from 50" away but responded well to c/t.
PM = 6

Slept in bed all night.
AM small, formed, orange BM
Slightly reactive - we saw multiple people coming out of houses - responded well to c/t.
AM= 5

Spent day and afternoon with in-laws. No BM or "bad" behavior reported.

AM sm BM
dosed 2 x 2
AM = 6

Spent day and afternoon with in-laws. No BM or "bad" behavior reported.

AM sm BM
Saw new neighborhood beagle BOTH dogs reactive which then increased Ike's reactivity. NR to c/t. Lunging to end of leash
AM = 3

PM normal BM
Reactive to little girl & mother playing in driveway, but then less reactive to 2 teen boys (we crossed street) and reactive to mother with stroller (he whined/cried rather than barked), reactive to woman walking and kids playing in yard. Lots of stimuli will use GL next time.
PM = 4

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