Sunday, March 22, 2009

2/22 – 3/22 and more

I spoke with Dr. F on 2/23. Gave him a run-down of what has been going on with Ike.

Ike’s major GI episodes have decreased markedly. His last major episode was on 1/20.

On 2/7 he puked up his breakfast and I dosed him with Nux Vomica (4x4). End of story – no prolonged vomiting/illness. I fed him a regular meal that pm.

Since then there has been a definite INCREASE in reactivity. Ike has been feeling well in terms of his GI issues.

Dr. F recommended that I try to give him more information about how Ike IS (drinking more, seeking out warm/cool spots, reactivity, what EXACTLY are the triggers for his reactivity) versus exactly what he’s eating!

The detailed food diary is a default for me – a subconscious part of me feels it is obviously something in the food triggering him – even though that has not proven to be the case.

So without further ado, here is another revision to Ike’s blog:

2/22 – so-so day
Refused PM walk due to rain – very intolerant of inclement weather lately (more so than ever before)

2/23 – good day
PM solid BM and smaller soft but formed BM

2/24 – good day
PM 2 normal BM

2/25 – particularly bad day
During AM walk was balky (not wanting to walk!), extremely vigilant, scanning for things to react to

Afternoon walk coincided with bus. Ike was OBNOXIOUS. Barking at kids that were more than 100’ away. Lunging from afar. Barking at nothing.

PM soft formed BM
Inside barking at voices he can hear outside (this is not the day-to-day norm). Playing with Bug.

2/26 – good/so-so
AM no BM
Very good Ike!! Still being overly vigilant but willing to play the Look-At-That game and be rewarded for not reacting.

PM normal BM.
Good boy, wanted to react but didn’t, played Look-At-That and was rewarded for not barking at creepy people.

2/27 - good
AM and PM soft, but formed BM. Non-reactive both walks

2/28 - bad
AM BM soft, but formed. Reactive

PM non-reactive
BM1 soft, but formed
BM2 Small, almost diarrhea
Loud gas before first BM

3/1 - good
AM No BM, Non-reactive, Good boy

3/2 – so-so
Refuse AM walk
Large PM BM

3/3 – so-so
AM NO BM – vigilant but not reactive, generally responsive. Very vocal – spotted SS Kody and started squealing like a little pig. VERY happy to see Kody.

PM No BM – generally responsive but VERY reactive to Paddington, Older GR – Attempting to lunge at him. Completely disregards clicker and treats

3/4 – so-so
AM no BM, non-reactive to dog charging boundary of its electric fence. Good Ike!

PM 3 solid BM, reactive to people

3/5 – bad
AM no BM, non-reactive to joggers

PM – Dh arrived home around 4:30 – diarrhea in kitchen. On walk loud, gassy, straining, liquid
Dosed 4x4 at 5pm

I came home from class, Ike asked to go out at 9:20pm – loud, gassy, straining, liquid
Dosed 4x4 at 9:40pm

3/6 – bad
3am – Ike asks to go out – loud, gassy, straining, liquid
Dosed 4x4 at 6am

5 pm happy on walk – soft, soft but semi-formed BM

2am – Ike vomiting bile
Dose 4x4

4am vomiting bile

6:30am vomiting bile
dose 4x4

7:15am vomiting LARGE amount with pink tinge (blood)
dose 4x4

Dinner – ground rice and ground hamburger

3/8 – good
AM soft, but formed BM
Non-reactive, responded well to c/t
Ground hamburger/ground rice

Afternoon walk – put GL (Gentle Leader) on – weather was very temperate. Given Ike’s illness and the amount of people that would be out walking I anticipating a reactive dog. Ike was SUPER. Responded well to c/t.

6:30 pm walk – normal BM!

3/9 – so-so
Refused Am walk (raining); brief walk at 10 am. Still super balky.

PM walk – normal BM, good boy

3/10 – so-so

AM walk – non-reactive, minuscule, soft, formed BM

PM walk – soft formed BM
Saw jogger and responded well to c/t
Saw toddler in driveway across the road, responded well to c/t
Ike reacted to combination of woman shambling up street with multiple bags and two children approaching him at the same time. Barking and lunging to end of leash. Cookies, clicker, and I do not exist.

3/11 so-so
Raining. Ike is extremely balky. Barks and pounces at jogger on main street more than 50’ away. Reach main street and Ike continues to stop every 3’.

11 Am – no rain – responds well to c/t – surprised by woman as he rounds a corner
PM – no rain – solid BM – Ike is tense, aggressive in front of Buddy’s house (GR that rehearses aggressive behavior in bay window), but no sign of Buddy. Surprised by man outside smoking, responds to c/t. no barking or reactivity.

3/12 – so-so
AM no BM
Person came out of house suddenly and surprised Ike – non-reactive

Slightly reactive to children

3/13 - bad

PM solid BM
Saw his friend SS Kody – not as playful as usual. Reactive to beagle Snoopy, then did appropriate smelling, body language
Reactive to school children (2 buses let kids off during walk - super stressful!)

3/14 – so-so
Am no BM
Reactive to some people but checked in with me on other “less scary” people very well. c/t

11 AM class – barky – normal BM. Excellent sit/stay/walk around dog (this is a hard station for Ike).

3/15 - bad
AM solid BM. No one in sight – uneventful walk

Afternoon – Rally Obedience Trial. Solid BM. SUPER stressed in ring. Imposing male judge. Man in corner with hat and video camera – def. Ike triggers

3/16 – so-so
Non-reactive with neighborhood boy who lumbered by
Dosed 4x4

PM solid BM
Reactive to owner of corner house (male)

PM half-hour class – Ike was stellar. Slightly reactive when FCR Glory arrives

3/17 - good
AM No BM, non-reactive

PM solid, normal BM
Ike was excellent with child who insisted on getting too close to him,

3/18 – odd day – so-so
AM normal BM
SUPER sniffy on walk

PM no BM
Pulling on leash (unusual), non-reactive after sighting groups of people

3/19 – so-so
AM no BM, non-reactive

PM no BM – heard gun shots and refused to continue walking BUT DID NOT SHAKE!

Saw GR 50’ away and started reacting – barking, bouncing, lunging


PM no BM; slightly reactive to dog aggressive lab

3/21 – so-so
AM – 2 soft but formed BM

PM – no BM, wore GL, barked a little at strangers but not too bad. Did not react to jogger who ran by.

3/22 - good
AM – 2 soft but formed BM; mildly reactive to man and loose dog in driveway

4 PM Soft, large orangey BM – non-reactive given the amount of people out and about? Hooray!

6:30 PM soft BM

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