Monday, March 23, 2009

Dr. F Appt

I mentioned to Dr. F that I think Ike might be "allergic to competition." He said that when we finish all of this he does not want him to be allergic to anything.

Mentioned Ike's weight loss (down to 17.8# from 19# - 6%) and the fact that he has seemed very hungry lately - being forward in terms of sticking his head in bags and places he doesn't usually go. I added an ounce to his food at the end of last week. Dr. F feels like that is a good place to start. Suggested I add oatmeal instead of rice.

Asked that I start rating days on a scale of 1 - 10.

We are going to talk in 3 weeks. In the mean time Ike is starting a new dose of Nux Vomica. Dr. F wants me to does him every 2 - 3 days UNLESS he has a series of 8, 9, 10 days. If his reactivity and emotions are better, that is more important than his stool being consistent.

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