Saturday, April 4, 2009

3/27 - 4/3

AM sm BM
Saw new neighborhood beagle and both dogs were reactive. Ike's reactivity was not responsive to c/t. Lunging at end of leash
AM = 3

4pm Normal BM, Reacted to little girl and mother playing in driveway, but then less reactive to two teen boys. Reactive to mother with stroller, more reactive to to woman walking and kids playing in the yard. Lots of stimuli
PM = 4

dosed 2 x 2
AM solid BM. Non-reactive until woman and child passed on sidewalk after coming out of blindspot. Pounced and barked
AM = 3

11 am sm bm
GREAT Rally class, peppy, alert, and happy

3pm Successfully walked past4 teen sin yard

5pm two bouts of gassy diarrhea. Non-reactive with stimuli
PM Based on reactivity = 9
dosed 2 x 2

Am 1 normal BM, 1 very soft
Mildly reactive to people, then VERY reactive to Dalmatian and owner = hopping, scratching at pavement, growling, but settled quickly after they passed
AM = 2

PM No BM would not walk at first because of thunder. Walked Bug and then Ike after thunder stopped. Pouring. Non-reactive to woman, reactive to little girls who tired to come closer
PM = 6

3am walk
2 normal BM, yellow-ish, second one slightly greasy looking
3rd attempt - no straining, just position and loud gas

6am no BM
Alert, happy, saw no one altho Ike was vigilant
AM = 7

Dosed 2x2

5pm Solid BM
Non reactive
PM = 10

Weighed Ike = 18.2#

AM sm Normal BM
Saw new beagle who reacted - Ike was STELLAR.
AM = 9

Was VERY happy when I arrived home

PM no BM
Walked on GL - nice weather, lots of people, very goof
PM = 8

Slept in Crate - did not sleep in bed. Very happy and bouncy before walk

Sm BM - saw jogger and was NR but kept turning to stare
At home licking bum and thirsty
AM = 8

barked at teenage girl delivering newspapers - no lunging
Surprised by staring GSD-mix - barking and lunging but under control quickly
Saw Paddington (GR) responded well to c/t
Was very thirsty
PM = 5

PM - fell down when he jumped on futon - very odd - possibly balance issue

2 sm BM
AM = 8

1 BM
Somewhat reactive to older gentleman who stopped to talk with us but settled quickly.
Barking in bedroom at noises outside the house
PM = 6

PM walk
Thunderstorm and lightning - lying on bed not in crate - somewhat unusual
PM = 7

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